The party’s over? I don’t think so

I just looked at my calendar. I’m heading home tomorrow. Panic fills the air and I can’t breathe. I’m feeling wobbly in my legs and might need to call a doctor. NO. This can’t be happening. Whatever shall I do?

Hold on a second. That was just “old me” seeing if she could get a rise out of “new me”. Sorry sucker, it didn’t work, you’ll have to try something else. I feel better than James Brown singin “I Feel Good….”

Are you asking me….But what about sleeping in til 11am every day? Eating lavish breakfasts, lunches and dinners? Making love with a handsome, slightly younger and so very interesting man each night? What? That didn’t happen on your holiday? You were away so long. How come you didn’t take advantage of those weeks, etc. Where did you go anyway? A monastery? A juice-fasting health retreat? Tending the hungry in that refugee camp in Somewhereland? Not exactly.

Yes, I was on holiday, of sorts and yes my journey was a kind of “scattered” one at that. I literally scattered some of my beloved Max’s ashes in Texas, Greece and Germany (I won’t divulge where and there is no shrine yet built). The trip was disjointed in that I was in Texas to do grandmotherly stuff (I changed a lot of diapers, did the laundry and paid for lunch, mostly …no BBQ for this veggie), meditated in Greece for world peace (no joke) for two weeks. I then went to Germany where I spoke English (because I am more than a little langsammer (slow) when it comes to shpreckening Deutsch). Fortunately the people I was visiting in Germany spoke English, so all was cool and so was the weather…in Greece it was in the 90’s Fahrenheit …Germany was a whopping 60-70… Hey I’m glad I wasn’t in Los Angeles then..I heard it hit a egg-frying 100 degrees in the shade while I was gone. We ain’t talking about texas…you know how ridiculous it gets…wait a sec, it IS, plus humidity. Oy vey.

Excuse me I’ve got a diaper to change.Okay where was I ? Diapers. Weather. Vacation. Meditation. No sex or great food. No sleeping in. Max’s ashes. Anyway, I’m heading home. My attitude’s damn good.

I learned so much in the past weeks, of which I’m excited to share with my friends, clients and students. If you’re in my neck of the woods (sherman oaks, ca), email me

Thanks for reading.


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