Tuk Tuk & Go then Trek Trek – Lisbon 6/3/22

It’s Lisbon and I’m writing late at night. I’m exhausted but I figured I oughta finish this before I slip into dreamland. Today we climbed into an electric Tuk Tuk driven by the terrific Portuguese native (yet educated in USA and UK,) Isaac. Riding in one of these vehicles over cobblestones is an experience similar … Continue reading Tuk Tuk & Go then Trek Trek – Lisbon 6/3/22

Days of my Life #57

Upside Down Lately I’ve had my head in a book whilst sitting in my planetary chair, but now that I think about it perhaps would be better were I standing on my head while reading or writing for that matter. Actually I’ve been reading several books in a variety of places so a new position … Continue reading Days of my Life #57

Days of my Life #56

Move up in the world. Get ahead. Make something of yourself. The above subtitles have been brought to you by, you guessed it, the modern day saga of Capitalism, that good ole boy mythology of mass industrialization, promoted by the corporate white man’s brotherhood which entices, then denies, liberally, especially to people of color, then … Continue reading Days of my Life #56

Days of my Life #52

Motivation. Am I stuck in the midst of “who gives a fuck town” or “I’ll do it when I damn well feel like it” as I float over “in a rut isle”? Maybe it’s only for today, though I think it’s been this past week (month?) where I’ve felt it would be better to be … Continue reading Days of my Life #52