Churros, Chocolate & Dread in Madrid 5/28/22

I’m sitting, rather lying in bed, in my crappy room at the Hotel Europa in Madrid. Outside it has been noisy, all night and into the wee hours. It is now morning and the noise never ceased. It’s kind of like staying one floor above Times Square. I was too tired to change rooms yesterday when we arrived. Dumb.

Anyway, this morning, I noticed with regret that the leg pain and tightness which had been coming on for days had gotten worse. I went to the front desk to have a doctor come here. And so I wait.

In the meantime I should tell y’all about the good stuff. Churros and chocolate. Oh. My. Good golly! I had just watched an episode Of Somebody Feed Phil (in Madrid)…there, he opened with the Chocolateria de San Gines, dipping and sharing a pile if these wonderful churros in deep, dark,Thick and oh so rich chocolate. I had to go. So, after a meal of questionable quality at a place near our hotel (i should’ve known better), we made the short trek to churro Mecca. And it was so worth the limp/walk.

I ordered in one line, as Jackie waited with scores of others for a table outside. Once said table was procured we sat, then drooled as the churros, chocolate and lemon custard/ice cream were delivered. It was first a beautifully visual orgy. The big white cups of blackish brown chocolate (should’ve only ordered 1, but who knew?) the giant churros (they had two types, thin and thick-I ordered the Latter) and a cup each of the ice cream. The gluttony commenced. It was every bit as good, no, better than had been demonstrated, and infinitely more waist circumference engorging. We sat around a bit more, people watching. That was good too.

The walk back to the hotel was leisurely. Upon arriving I went straight to bed. But sleep was constantly interrupted by the crowds outside and the pain in my leg.

Upon awakening I decided to call a doctor. They should arrive soon. Ah, a travel emergency.

Hope its only a pulled muscle. Stay tuned.

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