Friends, Horses, Siestas and Dogs -Barcelona to Vic – 20 June 2022

I sincerely believe that if I didn’t have dogs I might sleep until 10am every day. At home my three pups are like fucking roosters when it comes to rousing me, usually at 7 am. Give me a break I often tell them! They ignore my pleas. This can be tiresome. I woke at 8am … Continue reading Friends, Horses, Siestas and Dogs -Barcelona to Vic – 20 June 2022

Days of my Life #53

Raising Dough$ with Grandmother’s Recipes I’ve been baking. Not sourdough, because that’s not my current thang...I’ll leave that up to daughter who is the queen of the sourdough. My covid dough belly and hips attest to that. Grrr. Nevertheless this weekend she baked or rather we did, to raise dough$ for the Sustainable Food Center … Continue reading Days of my Life #53

Days of my Life #24

My deceased second ex-husband, Peter, was a volatile SOB whose idiomatic language would always amuse and infuriate me. It’s not exactly because of the actual words he used, it was that most of his “isms” were at the same time both silly and mean-spirited. He was a deeply injured soul. This wasn’t the reason I … Continue reading Days of my Life #24