Hurry up and wait…posted 2 days late

This should have been posted on sept 7… Oh well!

I’m flying on board a airplane again…did I mention the sardines previously? I may have. Oh well. Its bye-bye Lesbos, Greece. I’m riding in what i think is the economic stepchild of air berlin. It appears maintained nicely on the outside with very smooth engine operation (extremely important in my book) and yet the inside is shall I say, more than a little bit cramped. I understand what the sardines might say were they still alive in the can stored away in my luggage. “Yeah, now you know how we feel…what if some giant monster decided to open up your birdcage and serve you with hot sauce on crackers and a glass of red wine!” My response, “You’re infinitely more delicious and tender than we seriously over tanned humans and now I can totally relate.” I firmly subscribe to a level playing field when it comes to travel…everyone gets leg room proportionate to their size, with room to spare, all meals are delicious, edible and healthy and drinks? Whatever your heart and liver can handle, gratis. Seems fair to me.20130909-075743.jpg The process of boarding a plane with a bunch of former pleasure seeking, mostly German, tourists, many of whom are now reticent to turn their attention to school and work, does have its humorous (possibly only to me) elements. Luckily, I’m in no hurry, nor do I now have any apprehension about returning home…I also have a couple weeks before I hit LA…things could change, but its doubtful. I am so friggin’ optimistic I could dance in the aisles, that is if there were room in the aisles. This ship is tight, and not in the Pirates of Penseance sort of way, though my vivid and overly creative mind tempts me to create over-the-top ruffled costumes and start choreographing our exit once we land…

My Broadway musical-inspired deplaning scenario’s gotta be better than boarding- that was organized chaos, so unlike British Airways flights where everyone is in such a tidy queue I want to run through the line musing up people’s hair, just to live things up a bit. Other airlines aim closer to the niki air debacle. I can’t decide which I’d rather have – maybe something in between the chaos and the tight ass method. Travel oughta be fun, that’s my take.

Okay then, after all that bitching and moaning, here I am, sandwiched in between two people from my meditation group, neither of whom are currently meditating. One of them has her head back dozing in that uncomfortable position of which most airline passengers are only too aware – that crick in the neck can take days to get over. The other one is reading a book, at least she appears to be. i don’t have a mirror to check if she’s still breathing. Don’t look at me…I’m sitting here writing, soon I shall skip sideways down the aisle to the loo (my darlin’), relieve myself of the liquids I ingested (water, coffee, tomato juice- not all at once) then nod off for the next 40 minutes. I’ve got another flight from Vienna to Frankfurt after this one lands, I might commune with my higher self at that time, since I’ll be closer – we will be cruising @ 35,000 feet, after all.

I plan on serious (or amusing) meditation once ensconced in the apartment in the tiny village in Southern Germany where I’ll be staying the next few days. I also intend on gently transforming my current diet of dairy and wheat into one where I ingest nothing from or by an animal…(well maybe a little bit of butter-(life’s better with butter) the bread thing may have to wait til I get back to the states. Dark, soured, seed filled, German bread is something I’ve been jonesin’ – I ain’t gonna ignore that temptation one iota. Why you ask? I read about the easily digestible aspects of heritage wheat combined with fermentation of the dough which makes even the most gluten sensitive people tolerant- so convincing was this article I’m gonna believe it until I’ve had my fill or until my pant’s zipper threatens it won’t go up…whichever comes first. Things are getting a bit tight. I have a few more days.

Oh no, it’s time to land…gotta turnoff my iPad. Has anyone figured out why electrical goodies are supposed to be dangerous only at take offs and landings and not when we are cruising at higher altitudes? I’ll write when I get to the village.

Oops. we got in too late. I’m here, it’s eight o’clock on Saturday morning and quiet outside. It rained last night but the clouds are breaking apart so we may have good weather today. Not as quiet as in Greece, or at least in a different way, the village is surrounded by hills of vineyards all bursting with grapes ripening on the vines. Surfacing are memories of last night’s dream, yesterday’s flights, and the weeks of regular deep meditation. I am reminded it is time to put my thoughts aside, to post this later, when i find wifi and most of you (peeps stateside) are still in bed or going there anyway. It’s time to continue my daily practice. After all I am really in no hurry.

Flying with Niki…it’s all one world

I’m on the plane from Vienna to Mytilini/lesbos/Greece … Having been previously packed like a sardine or anchovy – take your pick, on an Niki Lauder airplane from Frankfurt to Vienna. Oh, this one is also a plane but it has one more inch of legroom, so I’m now feeling a bit more human, though my seat mates Frauke and Meika are a good 4 inches taller than me do not look as relieved. Oops, gotta go, the captain has told us we are landing.

The flights-uneventful, save for complementary cheese sandwiches and beverages, we are now on the bus to Kaloniki village suites and I’m falling asleep listening to the German guide who keeps mentioning Ouzo, olive oil and the occasional sardine…or is it anchovy. I am discovering the place also grows/makes biologically/organic wine. And still……Zzzz. I awake in time to de-bus at the KV and am greeted by Janus, Christina and countless friendly and accommodating Greeks who make me want to pack up my dogs and move here, but I should perhaps reserve this decision for at least another few days… I wonder if Maxie will visit me here…this too remains to be seen/felt/sensed.

We are treated to the beverages of our choice. I order Greek coffee with chocolate icecream – what am I nuts? Yes, but that’s beside the point, I am now jetlagged, wired and suffering the extreme gas of the lactose intolerant, but what the heck, I am here on semi-holiday. Did I mention I’m also here to heal the region?

When I awoke this morning before the sparrows, I began my meditation with the words – “We are all connected.” Would you know it I discovered I was on a “oneworld” plane? There are no coincidences. And even though the cheese sandwiches and overdose on icecream make attempt to slow me down I am resolving to do what I came here to do. We are all one…world, and I’m one of thirty who are here to save it.