I haven’t a Clue, but that’s ok – 4 August 20I22

Once again I’m at a semi-loss as to what I’m doing. With my life in general. Then I think, “You’re 72 years old don’t you think you should know what the fuck you’re doing?” To which I respond, (since I am talking to myself, because whoever you are, you will go on with your life … Continue reading I haven’t a Clue, but that’s ok – 4 August 20I22

Days of my Life #56

Move up in the world. Get ahead. Make something of yourself. The above subtitles have been brought to you by, you guessed it, the modern day saga of Capitalism, that good ole boy mythology of mass industrialization, promoted by the corporate white man’s brotherhood which entices, then denies, liberally, especially to people of color, then … Continue reading Days of my Life #56

Days of my Life #52

Motivation. Am I stuck in the midst of “who gives a fuck town” or “I’ll do it when I damn well feel like it” as I float over “in a rut isle”? Maybe it’s only for today, though I think it’s been this past week (month?) where I’ve felt it would be better to be … Continue reading Days of my Life #52

Days of my Life #44

There’s no Shit it’s Just Compost. That’s what I’ve told my clients ...the ones recovering from trauma and abuse. It’s been several decades since I first began using that phrase and it still works. It’s always brought ah ha’s, laughter and head nods. Anyone who gardens successfully knows that the best soil is full of … Continue reading Days of my Life #44