Thankfulness or the Small Stuff Ain’t important

Where am I? Somewhere above Arizona or New Mexico, I think. I'm flying east to Raleigh on board an American Airlines jet that should've taken off a few hours ago except there was this teensy wire that came undone and the pilot thought it might be a good idea to reattach it. I concur. And … Continue reading Thankfulness or the Small Stuff Ain’t important

The pampered ass of Lounging lizard

Hello web of readers, your correspondent Janet, here, to give you play by questionable play of my journey to enlightenment, or texas, whichever comes first...then again I might just contemplate the banal. We shall see. I'm lounging here in the JAL/oneworld/American airlines "home away from flying capsule". I've got some hours to burn before I … Continue reading The pampered ass of Lounging lizard

Business Class between worlds.

Today I continue on my Good Grief Journey. Thanks to my buying everything, including toilet paper, on my AA Mastercard, I am sitting in the Admirals Club waiting for my flight to Dallas where I will then catch a business class flight to Frankfurt. Waiting in a cushy armchair next to a bunch of businessmen … Continue reading Business Class between worlds.