Days of my life #2

Janet Bernson April 7; 2020 Imagine being rudely awakened by the sound of a dog puking. Yep, that just happened.But that’s not a big deal since I’ve been avoiding cleaning my floor like the plague. Now I have the opportunity to mop up the yuck splattered upon my oh so cool, artistically stained by me, … Continue reading Days of my life #2

Days of my life #1

Janet Bernson April 6, 2020 Awake again. Is this my new covid-19 inspired circadian rhythm ? Well poo! I really would like to sleep some more since my damn dreams are so friggin crazy! Wow! I can’t believe I haven't used shit or fuck yet. Oops. Okay I’m normal and not speaking abhorrently. This must … Continue reading Days of my life #1

Day 4 continued and all of Day 5 – Too busy to write.

We arrived in Bad Sulzburg in the afternoon at the Wald Hotel, after a semi caravan ride from the Alps to Black Forest. The town of Sulzberg is typical of the area with narrow winding streets, those quaint houses with shutters and the feeling people might pop out of a doorway to yodel at any … Continue reading Day 4 continued and all of Day 5 – Too busy to write.