I Got Stood Up By a Ghost aka My Adventure with The Big Can o’Max

Yeah, I know. Its been months since I last wrote. Where does time go? Actually, I've been writing elsewhere (though much has been in my head and not on paper- virtual or otherwise). So where was I when last I began this missive? The first week of March. On the road..to Sycamore Mineral Springs Resort … Continue reading I Got Stood Up By a Ghost aka My Adventure with The Big Can o’Max

Will you still need me….when I’m 64?

Yeah, i know, I probably already mentioned...Max and I had a 1984 magnum of champagne we were saving to celebrate a special occasion. We figured it would be a movie role or a script sale for him, a book deal for me, or our combined 64th birthdays. Things change. Max died. The bottle got drunk … Continue reading Will you still need me….when I’m 64?

Robots, reality and the flu

Deep in the Heart of Texas. Yessiree, when I began this little sing song ditty I was still in Austin, keeping it weird, Texas, feeling pretty darn good, except for a slight case of sniffly allergy and musing how quickly time flies when I'm having fun and how ridiculously slow it is when I'm not. … Continue reading Robots, reality and the flu

Dying to be Born Again: creativity has its downs and ups

I'm awake. It's heaven knows when in the middle of the night. Oh yes, it's 3:00AM. I've awakened with chest pains...no it's probably gas, but I grew up in a family of acute awareness of the body and all that might go awry. Every slight hint of disease, malcontent, or drip of mucus was treated … Continue reading Dying to be Born Again: creativity has its downs and ups

Can o’Max #6 ala Breaking Bad

Here we are...Son Billy and me, heading south to Austin from Scottsdale to Albuquerque then on to Lubbock ...but first a stop at the dam where Walter White waited for his new identity in Breaking Bad. I figured that would be a good place to deposit can #6. Max loved that show. It gave me … Continue reading Can o’Max #6 ala Breaking Bad

Petrified Can O’Max #5

Tis the holiday season and I am on the road, again! No, I am not moonlighting as a warped, Jewish version of Santa Claus, though I am driving a shiny red ford escape which might be mistaken by nearsighted individuals as a sleigh... But I'm not schlepping tons of wrapped shit across the country or … Continue reading Petrified Can O’Max #5

Can o’Max #4 – The Tour Continues

Once again, I find myself sitting in a hotel room, typing on my trusty iPad, reaching into the cosmos for the words to make sense of this weekend's journey. In celebration of my beloved sweetheart, Max Middleton's 63rd birthday on October 31, Halloween, Samhain, Day of the Dead, All Soul's Day, I am here to … Continue reading Can o’Max #4 – The Tour Continues

LALALAND here I come…right back where I started from

I'm sitting at Austin Bergstrom airport at gate 13. My flight leaves in an hour. I have neither purchased a barbecue sandwich at Salt Lick, nor a triple decker icecream cone from Amy's. I have not bought a Keep Austin Weird tee shirt though I am somewhat tempted to buy a shocking pink tee shirt … Continue reading LALALAND here I come…right back where I started from

The party’s over? I don’t think so

I just looked at my calendar. I'm heading home tomorrow. Panic fills the air and I can't breathe. I'm feeling wobbly in my legs and might need to call a doctor. NO. This can't be happening. Whatever shall I do? Hold on a second. That was just "old me" seeing if she could get a … Continue reading The party’s over? I don’t think so

Lazy ole me…

"Ladies and gentlemen..." Says the disembodied voice from off stage as the curtain goes up with a "ta da" and a drum roll) "Today is the day for my true confession. (gasps from audience). I'm awaking from a "tossy-turny" sleep. Obviously my creative mind must have been working double time in dreamland. What am I … Continue reading Lazy ole me…