Woman steals dog from grieving man.

People can be really fucked up. Yesterday I received a phone call from my friend Dan. He was beside himself. His dog had been stolen. Okay, that news is BAD. I mean who steals a dog? What kind of an a-hole would do that sort of thing? I'll tell you, but it ain't gonna make … Continue reading Woman steals dog from grieving man.

Honey, i sold your motorcycle.

"Sell the damn thing. It's okay baby I don't need it where I am, I've got one that runs great!" That's what I hear him saying. It's just weeks before what would have been my beloved Max Middleton's 63rd birthday. He was a Halloween baby, the spook. I'm wondering if per chance he will show … Continue reading Honey, i sold your motorcycle.

Baby, baby tell me where it’s at.

My sweet grandson has taught me more in his 8 weeks of being on our planet Earth than I may have so far learned in my sixty-somethin years. Here's the deal according to Levi Ward, life coach and scholar. Take notes. You will be tested. "Tit or no tit. That's what babies know. That's all … Continue reading Baby, baby tell me where it’s at.

Happy 9th Anniversary… Wherever you are

Here I am, sitting alone, in my temporary room, in my dear teacher, my wonderful friend's, home, in this small German town, where I have visited many times over the last twenty years, this time where I have been given time to reflect and discover fully my connection to my most divine source. It stormed … Continue reading Happy 9th Anniversary… Wherever you are

I’ve gone and done it, now for the important stuff!

I've done it. I've dumped can o'max #2. Well, dumping is perhaps too harsh a word. Alas, letting-go may require a big spiritual "shove", so we can get to where we are really called. I didn't sleep much last night (3 hours plus or minus) because I was too friggin upset from my day of … Continue reading I’ve gone and done it, now for the important stuff!

“Walk softly…I’m sensitive” says our earth

In just a few hours. I will walk, gently, down a quiet lane, which, on a busy day, ten vehicles drive to the beach here at Kalloni village on the isle of Lesbos, Greece. Once I locate a vacant umbrella I'll deposit my bag and towel, disrobe (save my swimsuit), put on my swim shoes … Continue reading “Walk softly…I’m sensitive” says our earth

And here WE are… I’m talking to YOU!

"Okay. Okay...okay already, I will Write down every word you say. I promise not to edit or care if people think I'm nuts (even if some may think so before they read this). If at least you'll first let me have breakfast. Hell, I'm not even sure if the voice I'm getting is you or … Continue reading And here WE are… I’m talking to YOU!

Is anybody out there?

Hi again. It's me calling out from this island in the Aegean Sea. Are you there? Are you reading my words? Do you care? WTF? What is so important you can't respond? Are you so busy with your iPhone, checking Facebook, googling Syria-GMOs-radiation leaking from Fukishima, wondering when you can might get your nails done, … Continue reading Is anybody out there?

Weddings. Love. Nature

I'm up later than my usual 3AM stirrings, but that was because last night, held outside our room, around the main swimming pool, was a Very Large, maybe not so fat, Greek Wedding, until 4AM. I have slept maybe 3 hours...and am surprisingly, and perhaps, only temporarily awake, considering the joyous and quite loud, I … Continue reading Weddings. Love. Nature