Will you still need me….when I’m 64?

Yeah, i know, I probably already mentioned...Max and I had a 1984 magnum of champagne we were saving to celebrate a special occasion. We figured it would be a movie role or a script sale for him, a book deal for me, or our combined 64th birthdays. Things change. Max died. The bottle got drunk … Continue reading Will you still need me….when I’m 64?

Petrified Can O’Max #5

Tis the holiday season and I am on the road, again! No, I am not moonlighting as a warped, Jewish version of Santa Claus, though I am driving a shiny red ford escape which might be mistaken by nearsighted individuals as a sleigh... But I'm not schlepping tons of wrapped shit across the country or … Continue reading Petrified Can O’Max #5

LALALAND here I come…right back where I started from

I'm sitting at Austin Bergstrom airport at gate 13. My flight leaves in an hour. I have neither purchased a barbecue sandwich at Salt Lick, nor a triple decker icecream cone from Amy's. I have not bought a Keep Austin Weird tee shirt though I am somewhat tempted to buy a shocking pink tee shirt … Continue reading LALALAND here I come…right back where I started from

The party’s over? I don’t think so

I just looked at my calendar. I'm heading home tomorrow. Panic fills the air and I can't breathe. I'm feeling wobbly in my legs and might need to call a doctor. NO. This can't be happening. Whatever shall I do? Hold on a second. That was just "old me" seeing if she could get a … Continue reading The party’s over? I don’t think so

Baby, baby tell me where it’s at.

My sweet grandson has taught me more in his 8 weeks of being on our planet Earth than I may have so far learned in my sixty-somethin years. Here's the deal according to Levi Ward, life coach and scholar. Take notes. You will be tested. "Tit or no tit. That's what babies know. That's all … Continue reading Baby, baby tell me where it’s at.

Lazy ole me…

"Ladies and gentlemen..." Says the disembodied voice from off stage as the curtain goes up with a "ta da" and a drum roll) "Today is the day for my true confession. (gasps from audience). I'm awaking from a "tossy-turny" sleep. Obviously my creative mind must have been working double time in dreamland. What am I … Continue reading Lazy ole me…

Back in the saddle

Yawn. Sniffle. Sneeze. Howdy. I'm in Austin and I am doing very well...considering my past year. I arrived last night after a whole bunch of hurrying up, then waiting in airports, Admirals Club lounges and on the Tarmac. Fortunately, I got that global entry thingie from the TSA. I got the "green light" to fly … Continue reading Back in the saddle

Business Class between worlds.

Today I continue on my Good Grief Journey. Thanks to my buying everything, including toilet paper, on my AA Mastercard, I am sitting in the Admirals Club waiting for my flight to Dallas where I will then catch a business class flight to Frankfurt. Waiting in a cushy armchair next to a bunch of businessmen … Continue reading Business Class between worlds.

I hope you’re not disappointed

The title of today's missive are the words stuck in my head as I wake far too early for any normal person on a Monday morning. Who is speaking? Me? Am I channeling Max Middleton or some other departed loved one? I suppose I ought to shut up and listen, and yet the thought forms … Continue reading I hope you’re not disappointed