“Walk softly…I’m sensitive” says our earth

In just a few hours. I will walk, gently, down a quiet lane, which, on a busy day, ten vehicles drive to the beach here at Kalloni village on the isle of Lesbos, Greece. Once I locate a vacant umbrella I'll deposit my bag and towel, disrobe (save my swimsuit), put on my swim shoes … Continue reading “Walk softly…I’m sensitive” says our earth

Business Class between worlds.

Today I continue on my Good Grief Journey. Thanks to my buying everything, including toilet paper, on my AA Mastercard, I am sitting in the Admirals Club waiting for my flight to Dallas where I will then catch a business class flight to Frankfurt. Waiting in a cushy armchair next to a bunch of businessmen … Continue reading Business Class between worlds.

I Fell Flat on My Ass and it Sucks

Have you ever fallen flat on your ass and decided to just get up, brush yourself off and "forgetta 'bout it"? I did, about a week ago. Well, I didn't exactly forget. I mean how can I when my tailbone feels like a bitch in heat, (not that I know what a female dog actually … Continue reading I Fell Flat on My Ass and it Sucks