Dancing Like Everyone’s Looking In the middle of Trafalgar Square 5/21/22

If you read my previous post you might remember my mention of the ridiculously narrow bathtub at Hazlitts here in London and how I was worried I might get stuck therein. If you didn’t read it, well then you might not totally get the gist of what comes next. Too bad, because today I was … Continue reading Dancing Like Everyone’s Looking In the middle of Trafalgar Square 5/21/22

Can o’Max #4 – my journey continues

Once again, I find myself sitting in a hotel room, typing on my trusty iPad, reaching into the cosmos for the words to make sense of this weekend's journey. In celebration of my beloved sweetheart, Max Middleton's 63rd birthday on October 31, Halloween, Samhain, Day of the Dead, All Soul's Day, I am here to … Continue reading Can o’Max #4 – my journey continues

Honey, i sold your motorcycle.

"Sell the damn thing. It's okay baby I don't need it where I am, I've got one that runs great!" That's what I hear him saying. It's just weeks before what would have been my beloved Max Middleton's 63rd birthday. He was a Halloween baby, the spook. I'm wondering if per chance he will show … Continue reading Honey, i sold your motorcycle.

I’m Back…but things aren’t all Black & white…

Yo. Like I'm sitting In the chair at Capella Salon in Studio City and lookin @ my gray roots, as in hair, as in "What's with this shit, I'm so tired of spendin all my scratch on covering this perpetual patch." I say to my homegirl Jody Cherevka, aka L.A. stylist Extraordinaire. And she, in … Continue reading I’m Back…but things aren’t all Black & white…

Typecasting? Sheesh!

I'm up too early. That's what I get for eating late night chocolate ice cream, because My stomach does not like the after-effects of nighttime dairy consumption. What the heck, it was my last night here on the isle of lesbos ... Fittingly I dined with 4 other women... They were so much fun to … Continue reading Typecasting? Sheesh!

Is anybody out there?

Hi again. It's me calling out from this island in the Aegean Sea. Are you there? Are you reading my words? Do you care? WTF? What is so important you can't respond? Are you so busy with your iPhone, checking Facebook, googling Syria-GMOs-radiation leaking from Fukishima, wondering when you can might get your nails done, … Continue reading Is anybody out there?