What Now? July 26,2022

Six weeks traveling. Three weeks home. I can’t say I’ve been exactly happy to be here in Hot as Hell, Gun toting, Christian Conservative, Republican Texas, save being able to cuddle with grandkids and dogs and our baby rescue turtle, Freddie Grapricot (named by now nine year old grandson), eat too much, but abfab birthday cake made by my multitalented daughter, and do the regular brunch with family.

I’ve also not done a single creative thing, unless you consider my making a quick sketch (not pictured here) of my next work of art which will be made, as usual, entirely of trash. I’m going big again, #1 because I have wall space and #2 because that’s the size of my “canvas”. And I’m considering the shape of said piece since I’m tired of working with rectangles or squares or rounds for that matter. I’m letting all of the pertinent information bubble up inside me and when I’m ready I’ll actually get to the physical work.

I’ve come to the realization that I’m probably never going to be well known as an artist or a writer because mainly I am not into self promotion and I’ve become old enough not to give a flying fuck if people like me or my work. I’m doing it for me… I’m certain I’m my best critic and friend, because I’m brutally honest with myself and I haven’t ceased talking even when me myself and I are in disagreement.

If you like what I do, great. If not go find someone whose work gives you pleasure. My personal job is to express my me, that’s all I got/have. You can do you.

All that aside, today I contacted a book yenta to get the self help one I’ve had buried somewhat deeply within the confines of my MacBook. Periodically I’ve dug it out, made some edits and then tucked it away. One supposes, at least I do, why I haven’t gone forward with publishing it. It’s probably because, as I said previously, I’m not into self promotion. It could also be because my brain is so active creating that it can’t be bothered with the tedium of social media advertising etc. Hence the yenta. I also approached him about my fiction tome but that’s not his shtick. That’s another story, literally.

Tomorrow I will plunge back into aqua aerobics to begin my reclamation of the body which has contained my transient soul these seventy years.

That’s all for now. Keep doing you.

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