Adios Barcelona 29 June & where the hell have you been? 11 July 2022

I’m in a taxi sailing down the highway on the way to the aeropuerto. We left casa Camper and wove our way through the ramblas and an assortment of dazed and confused people/tourists.

My cabbie has put on madonnas “Like a virgin”. Weeee! He just took a curve like it’s the Indy 500.

Yesterday I managed to find everything I needed for obligatory gifts for the two grandkids. My granddaughter is nearly 4…I bought her a tacky yet adorable pink and black polka dot flamenco dress with matching shoes and fan. Oh sure the red castenuelos don’t match but they make appropriate noise. Grandson’s gift was not so easy because the only boys Spanish costumes were for bullfighters and that’s a no no in my book. The flamenco shop had white shirts with sparkling buttons and red and black dotted scarves that though they were not flashy had the essence of exotic Spain. I grabbed some matching castenuelos for him, crossing that gift off the list.

I mean really, the children don’t need a single fucking thing but being the dotting grandmother who I’ve apparently become, I came, I bought and have now stuffed into my formerly known as carryon suitcase.

Having shopped I could finally relax and enjoy my last day in Spain. My six weeks of process oriented travel coming to a close. I wandered aimlessly along the winding streets of old Barcelona, only occasionally glancing at my map. I’ve got a damn good sense of direction, I mused as I turned off my app then gazed in windows with nary a care. There are a hell of a lot of tourists. Oops I’m one of them. Except to me Barcelona has always felt like a second (or third/fourth/fifth) home (if you don’t count London or Paris or Freiburg or…).

Actually I feel more at home most anywhere in Europe than I’ve ever felt in the USA, which is tragically funny. Especially now when I’d like to get the hell out of texas. Then again my kids and I are finally living in the same town after years apart.

Oh sure there are acute problems all over the world and oops here I am at the counter, my ticket and passport entered into the “system” and I’m ready to board my first class flight (thanks to credit card miles) to JFK. I’m such a contradiction as an entitled progressive.

July 11, 2020

Yeah yeah it’s a week and a half after I landed in Austin – a mere 13.5 hours after taking off from Barcelona. It was the layover that was a bummer. I was misdirected to the tsa line again AFTER I had breezed through customs. Go figure.

I lounged like a hot lizard for the first couple days then decided I should see my then chiropractor. I say it like I don’t see this person anymore because I don’t. And why? You may ask…never mind because I’m gonna tell you anyway. I knew when she pressed the wrong place that it was a mistake, but I figured they knew what they were doing.

Boy howdy was I wrong in my estimation. For the next two days I writhed in agony, in between being pissed off with myself for going for the (mal)adjustment in the first place. I texted for their help but the response was “on vacation”. Oh shit. I called my friend Carla who gave me the name of her chiropractor and then had to wait a couple days because it was now the 4th of July weekend. Now most people would’ve popped some pain pills… that stuff did nothing but make me loopy but still in pain. I did some heavy meditation and deep breathing. On Tuesday I limped in to the new adjuster’s office. I walked out better. This was followed by another visit several days later…better still.

On another note…My granddaughter has slept in her flamenco attire, shoes included and worn the dress multiple times. And grandson has worn only the scarf. Sometimes ya win…Go figure.

Improvement in my physical health is my current focus. I am now three days into aqua fit classes at the Y where it is floating room only. This is a popular place. And I am relieved to say I’m doing pretty well considering my recent health history of torn leg muscle and wonky sacrum. Who knows? I might tone up and get into a smaller size? At the very least I’m making a splash at being back in Texas. And given the current temperatures over 100F we need a whole lotta splashing!


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