Dancing Like Everyone’s Looking In the middle of Trafalgar Square 5/21/22

If you read my previous post you might remember my mention of the ridiculously narrow bathtub at Hazlitts here in London and how I was worried I might get stuck therein.

If you didn’t read it, well then you might not totally get the gist of what comes next. Too bad, because today I was able to enter the tub and remove my behind with little concern.

Why? Funny you might ask, First I’ll spin my magic time wheel backwards to when I signed up for the Silent Disco on AirBNB experiences several months ago, when the fact I was really gonna escape the tedium of daily austin life, had first only been a passing fancy. You know those dreams every escapist has of dancing with wild abandon through the sights and traffic of downtown London? Not you? Well, it’s my kind of fun. Just thinking of it got me all sorts of giddy, like inner child breaking out of my aging 72 year old body giddy.

I actually believe it was the idea of shaking my “why did I eat all that delicious ice cream during Covid’s size 12 ass with utter strangers around utter strangers, all whilst singing, often lip syncing, along to tunes like Mama Mia that got me and my long ago aspirations of being a star on Broadway sold on the one hour of heavy cardio on an unseasonably warm day in London. So what if my face turned the color of the wine colored linen jacket I had to remove so that I didn’t pass out from heat stroke?!

And so that was me, today from 3-4pm, dancing, waving and singing my jet lagged body around Trafalgar Square, up and down streets and alleyways, weaving through a ridiculous amount of international tourists and loving every sweaty minute of it.

Afterwards I trekked back to SOHO to meet my friend HB for a schlepp to Coventry Garden for the best fish and chips at The Rock and Sole Plaice, where I ate like an athlete and we talked and laughed til our plates were empty with bellies full.

Tonight, I trodded up the two flights of stairs to my room, got into the seriously narrow antique tub, to soak away the 16,000 tushy reducing steps I took today. I’m gonna sleep like a baby.

Stay tuned. BTW I ordered room service for breakfast. I earned it.

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