Days of my Life #55

Give it Back Already!

OK I’m playing with words again. Except…At this time it’s really not play. I mean business!

IF you are currently living in any big city or a small one, I’m certain, unless you are fucking blind or have a severe case of NIMBY tunnel vision, you cannot avoid seeing the homeless encampments spreading here and there and everywhere.

What once was merely some poor out of work schmuck holding a cardboard sign at a street corner or two is now many, on every corner of every thorough fare, and the numbers, heartbreakingly, are increasing daily. And these, by the way, are very human beings in need.

This is unforgivable. It is sorrowful. It is more so for those dear people who have lost their shelter, their place of security, home, the place that gives them strength to go on to be productive members of OUR society. And, believe it or not, children are amongst the growing masses. Additionally It is not only a testimony to the unscrupulous pigs who claim to represent us but to those who either voted for them or didn’t vote at all.

And thanks to COVID, well, more importantly the greed, avarice, stupidity and hatred perpetrated by the current US “administration” and supporters, and their utterly and complete disregard for anyone other than themselves, things aren’t likely to improve anytime soon. And “they” call themselves Christians, ha! Not in my book, or the “good” one, many of the louts purport to espouse.

Depressed yet? Angry yet? Horribly so? I am.

But. I and my beloved apple (daughter) who fell not far from the tree who is me, are determined, rather compelled, to do what we can to share what we have and hopefully inspire others to do the same, without judgement or fear, or need to be lauded, because we must, if we, collectively, are to not merely survive a pandemic but the forces of pure evil before us.

Have I been reading too many books about wizards and witches fighting evil? (A brief thank you to author Sky Purington). Yes, but that’s not truly the evil about which I refer, though there certainly are aspects which one might find similar, save the fire breathing dragons…well maybe metaphorically speaking.

Do I love the words of Marianne Williamson who have echoed mine (or vice versa) lo these many years? Heck yeah! We are fighting for the soul of not only our country but our world and that ain’t no fantasy, wish though it were. Around us too many people are suffering, not only from covid, but homelessness, extreme poverty, unemployment, racism, sexism (I could go on but FUCK!) and the wicked, yes they are, lavish in comfort, bidding others to die for them, with nary a care in their avaricious, despotic DNA.

It is time for a change, though change is, even for open minded, overly, ridiculously compassionate me, utterly terrifying for what it might portend…The battle for the soul of America promises to be epic. It might even be (hopefully not) violent. But I sense, though not precisely a prophet, we ain’t seen nuttin yet. I hold the urge to vomit as I either hear or see the likeness of the orange blob whose derrière occasionally sits in the Oval Office, knowing he has sold out the lives of those reside in the USA and those who once thought it great.

As I sit in relative comfort (my recently operated toe is now infected) in my planetary chair, I ponder whether the goodie bags of food, personal care etc., with attached cards of good wishes and a bit of cash for those we meet on the streets or the weekly baked goods we deliver to the feeding organizations who serve the needy in our community are merely wee bandaids on the gaping wound upon our humanity.

I am hoping what we do, our small cluster of folks around the world who so deeply care will infect our communities in a way that neither covid nor hatred can…to birth a sense of humility and humanity so that we may effective conquer and crush the forces that wish to destroy us, by being consistently stronger and better than anything thrown our way.

And though this may seem unseemly to some, I deeply question the attempt to create the myth of making of America great again, for in studying our turbulent, often horrid, one sided and distasteful US history I wonder just how great we were or whether instead we should delve for the TRUTH and write a new, more honorable story.

Meanwhile we are delivering our goodies to those in need and hope our form of tithing might compel you to do similarly.

I’d love to hear from you.

Tune in.

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