Days of my Life #45

I’m entitling this piece: Where Was I? Or…

Attempting to hop back on my train of thought even though I’ve been continuously derailed.

It’s so damn easy to get distracted these days. Just a few months ago I was visiting friends and family in LaLaLand, celebrating my big 7-0, then considering a new career in voiceover, writing postcards to politicians and corporate big wigs and doing a bit of research on the upcoming primaries, when all of a sudden wham bam, no thank you man, I found myself sitting at home with daughter alternating cutting and sewing masks with cleaning my hands every time I touched anything and becoming the Jewish version of Martha Stewart on steroids. This is while my head has been spinning with way too many thoughts (even for my normally overactive brain) than a healthy, well balanced human being needs or wants.

WTF?! Ever since You Know Who took office, lo those (was it only?) 3 plus years ago, my thinker has been more scattered than the ashes of my sweetheart that were spread across the USA and Europe – (hey we both wanted to travel more and I felt that was the best way to honor him since cancer put the kibosh on his and our wonderful life.) Fuck!!!

hmmm…where was I?

Oh. Yeah, yeah. There is never a dull, more disgusting moment since the trumPublicans and their King Con rolled up our constitution and protective laws using them to repeatedly swat at us, the good meaning people, away like pesky lice on his hair implants (or is it a toupee?).

At first I thought, as probably so many others with brains and consciences, “Naw, he can’t do that.” As he, with the help of his puppet masters, dismantled our departments of education, defense, environment, fbi, state, health and human services, fda… and …what have I forgotten?

And he did….still does “that” as he fires staff, spends our tax dollars while playing round after round of golf, shakes upside down bibles in front of churches that would throw him out on his fatious maximus and stuffs copious amounts of grease laden fast food into his nonsensical gob. Barf.

Often I wonder if the distractions have been craftily planned all along to keep us bewildered, bothered and yes, bewitched by those who wish further control over the masses of which you and I and everyone we know are included. Who is doing that, you ask? Better yet who has the most to gain or lose, depending on which way you’re a’lookin’. Just take a mini peek at who he’s appointed to his nightmarish dream team and you might figure it out. Jeeez!

There are so many topics upon which to concentrate and yet attempting to deal with one while dozens pop up erratically is like playing Whackamole at an arcade. Frustrating and there’s not even a prize if you hit four in a row. What a waste.

The environmental protections so carefully put into place to repair the damages of our industrialized society are so deviously being dismantled by corporate oil, industrial and chemical nimrods with nary an ounce of decency. And why torture bears and wolves, anyway, when the bastards are doing such a good job at making us sick as we buy farmed fish and plastic wrapped vegetables? Our earth, water and air soon to be so full of toxicity once only has to wonder if but for a moment if some evil life form is readying the planet for a complete takeover. My overactive imagination is picturing a slimy monster bookie chuckling while taking bets on which continent’s people dies first or last.

My warped Imagination aside, we better get our shit together to heal planet and selves quickly…the clock of global climate change ticks too loud to ignore further.

And if that ain’t enough, then coming up on our right…Civil rights that is, its the current forefront of our woes. A movement which has barely achieved a fraction of what is required to make real headway and is being further depleted by what Marianne Williamson called a dark and evil force (while the warped media powers marginalized her)…call it fascism, racism, white supremacy, a systemic malaise …it is rotten to the core, stinks and needs to be completely eradicated, no longer buried where it might again fester and infect others.

Where’s a GOOD Christian, better yet humanitarian when we need one anyway? It might sound like my inner hippy is becoming an outie but seriously, Love for our brothers and sisters of all colors, races, religions is mandatory if we’re gonna evolve. Why can’t we all get along, anyway? Am I sounding hopeless? No, just desperately seeking sanity in a fucked up time.

Healthcare, voting rights, poverty, homelessness, mass incarceration, immigration, violence (the assortment), child abuse/pornography, slavery, corruption and The beat goes on…and round and round all making me and probably you scattered and frustrated and more than a bit angry when a peaceful “senior” citizen gets knocked down and brain damaged by unfit to serve men who are supposed to “protect and serve” the citizenry. How messed up is that?


Yeah. Where the fuck was I and why does my train keep getting derailed? Too much.

Tune in.

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