Days of my Life #22

It’s another beautiful day. Who could complain with These delightfully sunny skies and gentle breeze. Certainly not I. I’ve been walking fairly regularly, up the hill, along the path, by the creek, as far from thoughts of pandemics and politics as I can muster…even though such thoughts are mostly unavoidable.

I couldn’t walk yesterday, partly because of the air conditioning snafu but also because my poor little toe is swollen from having smashed it the night before. Who would think I’d be bringing up my baby toe and it’s woes in a blog? Me. I guess I think it’s important. Well it is still irritated today – I am hobbling less but unwilling to trek hither and yon, over hill and dale. Guess the mat pilates will have to do.

Why obsess about something as minuscule as a teensy appendage. Because I want to walk on it, silly! For one thing I’ve had over a month to wake up and over think nearly every other part of my body, especially my lungs, heart and schnozola. Have you?

At the onset of the “coronavirus freak out” the thing to do was check your temperature, pop vast amounts of vitamins, do an assortment of breathing exercises, see if you could smell or taste and hide coughs and sneezes in your inner elbow. We progressed to religiously wearing masks and gloves, carrying about multiple bottles of hand sanitizer and keeping six feet apart, some of us even in our homes. Many of us, mandatory lockup or not, have chosen to stay safe, and order our groceries to be picked up two weeks later or have them delivered complete with melted ice cream and bruised bananas.

Our obsession with the state of our individual health is now universal given the fact that we are hearing reports that even the strong and healthy can succumb to the virus…though obviously those who have compromised immune systems are at greater risk. None of this is particularly funny though it has brought out a raft of totally bizarre responses, some of which are unbelievably stupid or downright evil. It’s too bad, here in the formerly United… States, we don’t have universal health care but the shit-for-brains turtle look alike (sorry turtles) senator from the great state of Kentucky, aka Mitch McConnell, doesn’t think people deserve to be well or alive. May the camel (or other animal that spits, you pick) of ten thousand viruses hock a lugie on him, repeatedly, til he gets IT…a bad case of the disease or a good dose of human kindness and social responsibility. Either, the sooner the better.

And then there is our unesteemed “leader”, spouting nonsense at his nightly (oh god, change the channel) news. WTF???Personally the idea of ingesting -orally or intravenously- a disinfectant is fucking loco and DIY embalming. But the craziest aspect is someone even considering it because the douchenozzle in chief suggested it. It is no wonder the rest of the “civilized” world, feels sorry for us. I’m considering a move to Ireland when this is over, even if it is wet and cold, there are few bloody signs to tell you where you’re going, and trees are in short supply. At least there they have better sense! Oh sure they’d take me. I’m half Irish, you see.

Well, well. I was gonna refrain from health and politics had I taken a walk, but since I couldn’t

I got to rambling about both. And now that I’ve reached a stopping place and you are possibly shaking your head or pouring yourself a stiff drink,or both, I’m going to leave you. Side note…are they holding Zoom AA meetings?… cause they oughta.

Tune in.

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