Days of my Life #8

It was the lasagna I ate for dinner. I know it. That’s probably why I’m awake at 1am, the wind howling outside my window, with me contemplating the future of the US Postal Service.

The fact that the current “administration” wants to end the USPS by not continuing to fund it, hence to privatize it so Americans can’t vote by mail, using the pandemic as an excuse, makes my mind reel.

I’ve heard it said, “There’s always a silver lining in every gray cloud,” or words to that effect. Okay, if that’s the case, I’m looking. To be sure without the mail there may be no more copious amounts of junk mail cluttering the mailbox to be immediately deposited in the blue bin. There also won’t be checks (yes I occasionally get them) or birthday cards, or letters or stamps with Jimmy Hendrix’s face nor a daily chat with my friendly government employed postal person. And for sure without the post office I won’t be able to Vote or send postcards to politicians voicing my displeasure, or thank you notes to friends!

There are several ways to look at this situation, and since apparently I have the time and a strange habit of investigating stuff whilst being awake in the wee hours, I’m a gonna have a look-see.

Selfishly I would totally dislike the prospect of no US Mail. Why? Other than what I mentioned? I just installed my ever so cool mailbox by the street and it’s gaining a rep in my hood. Years ago I made a man out of horseshoes. Yes, you read that right. I made a man of steel. Now he stands, at the ready, more a rusty cartoonish image of a man, with his arms bent forward holding a bright orange mailbox. He’s also winking. Sounds nifty, yeh? He is. I’d hate to have him just standing there without full functionality. I also hate it when men just stand around, do nothing, think they are so important, telling you what to do, but this comes from having had male bosses at jobs when I was younger, and also that men want to control women’s bodies. Hmmm…

I suppose It (no more p.o.) was bound to happen sometime. I read enough Sci-Fi in books made of actual paper to realize “progress” brings certain eventualities, like annoying smart phones and drones and autonomous vehicles and microchips embedded under the skin to track your every move and. Yikes! Technology in the wrong hands? The mail run for profit by a company without government oversight? Double yikes!!

Yes, that’s much more disturbing, and in the hands of greedy, hateful, racist, sexist, homophobic (I could go on…) schmucks/dweebs/deplorables (you pick) we could be, if we’re not already, in very deep excrement. While I don’t give into fear on a normal basis, this shit scares me. Definitely not technology in general, just, why, who uses it and to what end?

I love my iPhone, but I can live without it, if necessary, though I’d miss seeing my granddaughter Blow kisses or email a client, or do online banking, or Instagram my latest creations, or look up a word. Of course this brings me to the question of why not go totally electronic for mail and even voting?


#1-without some sort of physical trail, there’s not always a back up, corrupted files/votes by viruses or malware and accounts get hacked – whether you’re an individual or a business these are real ways to get screwed.

#2-not everyone is tech savvy or capable or financially able. The economic factor is a big one. People who are disenfranchised have a hard enough time getting mail.

#3-your neighborhood postal carrier is the only person who might check to see why the kids are playing unsupervised, or help the woman who just had surgery with her groceries, or run from a slobbering hound all while being sure you get your daily delivery of mail.

The USPS provides not only a fairly inexpensive means of physically connecting with the outside world it is a deep part of our culture, providing jobs and resources.

Upon further research I discovered that the real reason terrible Trump and his mean ole toadies want to cut the USPS is the $5B for employee retirement that looks bad on his administration’s already shitty record of financial blunders. But the retirement money could easily be recouped by setting up a post office banking system, providing services for those in the community, with low interest loans like it did up until the mid 1950’s. Yep, that’s right. The post office could be solvent again. Who knew? Not Trumpublicans that’s for sure, but then they just want all the money for themselves.

Well the wind outside continues and even though I could go on, I’m yawning, so I’m going to gently hit the sack, aka pillow. Thankfully, though I’ve not solved the Postal dilemma, the lasagna is no longer an issue. yawn. Zzzzzz

One thought on “Days of my Life #8

  1. All valid thoughts Janet! Thank you for sharing! Love from your sleep deprived fucking socialist friend Deborah.


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