Days of my Life #4

Good morning campers! How are y’all today? I thought I’d start this day out with a positive vibe. Alas, I heard that Bernie Sanders’s campaign for prez of the semi-United states was suspended yesterday. That really sucks. However, I’m not going to rant on it because it brings up my blood pressure and if you are already set on having another four years (or more) of he who shall not be named, because you’re disgusted by Joe Biden and the rotten Democratic Party you won’t like what else I was gonna say. Besides we haven’t even had damn a convention nor do we know the running mate. So I’m changing the subject.

No. Today I’m gonna bring up the retiree dilemma and while this doesn’t exactly apply to me, it is something many will understand. This will also help me deviate ever so slightly from the fucked up political morass.

Many of us over retirement age are active, interested, still working, collecting social security ( because who the fuck can live on $1500 – which is why we still work and that’s higher than many) traveling and doing shit we couldn’t do and saved up for when working, putting kids through therapy and college, etc. Many are single or divorced or estranged from family who voted Republican. So now, when we have the freedom to do whatever the hell we want, we can’t because we are all stuck at home… Unless one has been sucked into believing Jesus is gonna save them cause their multi-million $ preacher told them as he passed the “I need a new airplane” platter and they put in it their last ten bucks which might’ve bought them a bar of soap plus at least a bandana and a coffee filter, thus they are praising the lord and passing the germ.

As usual my train has veered a bit off the track, but that’s my brain and I’m keeping it.

I’m fortunate, mostly, because as an artist/writer, maker of things some people want, I am used to being inside most of the time. So I haven’t yet gone full nut-job with the exception of going grocery shopping, which is my secret (no longer) form of entertainment. Where some women mostly, (but not exclusively) go shopping for clothes or shoes or makeup, I spend my extra time & buckos on groceries, art supplies and home improvement, all while earning frequent flier miles which I now can’t use for an indeterminate period of time.

On a positive note we are starting to see a reversal of carbon in our atmosphere however the methane spewing from Republicans mouths may be counteracting the positive effects. Oops, my Asperger-like mouth is showing.

Where was I? Oh yes, retirees. The friends I have who are home alone are holding up pretty well under the pressure, probably because they are finding ways to turn off the mind numbing news, only watching it once a day for no more than it takes to write nasty postcards to their alleged representatives and thank the good folk out there who are showing the rest how to live. Some of us are making masks, sending food to needy families and meeting neighbors they’ve never known, talking at length to their families on zoom (a new skill), gardening to actually put food on the table, and getting inside work because they are high risk.

To be oh so pitied (sob) are the young and horny whipper snappers (anyone under 45/50) now working from home, jonesing for their local brew pub crew, and work’s free snack station and gym who are having a much tougher time. But I can readily see some of those poor souls coming out to walk in nature, some to nod at strangers at 6ish feet away and probably having virtual sex on FaceTime.

I live in (Keep Austin) Weird, with the strangeness of not seeing cars on the road, anywhere, but parked, everywhere, I am somewhat hopeful some of the positive changes we have had to make will hold firmly on the other side of the (Covid19) curve, but I do want to go grocery shopping without a bandana and my Stetson, even though I do live in Texas.

Tune in.

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