Sadness will not overcome me.

Today I am feeling so incredibly sad. Do any of you out there in virtual land have the feeling that we are being pitted against each other as if we are hapless pawns in some sick game of fear inducing political chess?

Perhaps I am gullible, or just a teensy bit naïve to believe we as a species are much better than this. Though as I’m looking around at news reports of the past weeks (years?)one might say I might be smoking something wacky to think we deserve better. But I’m not smoking or drinking, even if today I’d like to escape the hatred and the lies, the virulence lobbed at those of us asking for a modicum of sanity and compassion for our fellow human beings.

Admittedly I have had my own moments of extreme anger, coupled with extreme sadness these past years as I have witnessed the race-baiting, the rise in extremism, the imprisonments of individuals and families, separation of children, the horrific gun violence, families torn apart by an inhumane immigration policy, the crumbling of environmental safeguards, the rollback of human (women’s, lbgtq etc) rights, the perversion of our judiciary and distortion of government and the imminent demise of our economy due to climate change.

I know I am not alone. I watch with dismay at the news….I watch all sides in my often vain attempt to discover the truth. Do I believe someone who smiles and points his finger at others, who blames, incites violence, makes fun of less fortunate, rather than taking responsibility? I cannot. Why do some believe him? My mind spins round and round, as I cannot see how anyone could be so hateful, or narcissistic, lying glibly to anyone with the patience or blind faith to listen and still believe. And in my deep desire to have compassion I feel it is my job to try to look deeper into why we are where we are with someone who represents none of the love and understanding I was raised with and have practiced to the best of my ability.

And this is why I am so very sad today. Because I am looking for a way for humanity to come together to fight for ALL our children and the beloved planet which is our source of life, and to heal the intolerance and hatred which is being promoted so voraciously and still my view is obstructed.

And though I am feeling my feelings I will not give up in looking for solutions, because we are better than this and we as a species deserve it.

One thought on “Sadness will not overcome me.

  1. No, Janet, you’re not alone in those feelings. You and I are simply not powerful enough to make a difference or to change things. You support Marianne Williamson, who is becoming more powerful and may succeed in mobilizing others, but it will take a great movement of tens of millions to bring the kind of change about which you are seeking. I certainly hope to see it, but as long as we all have bills to pay and mouths to feed… well, it’s gonna be brutal.


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