Girls Night Out

Betcha you were thinking I had a big night yesterday eve, huh? Well, for this 69 year ole G’ma it was. No, I did not go to a club where men stripped to their Gstrings and lap-danced there way into my Grace and Frankie heart (and by the way are their vibrators actually available?) – which by the way has never really been my style. Instead, daughter Julia and I took the delightful, almost five year old Lulu (daughter of daughter’s boyfriend) out for pancakes at Kerbey Lane. Actually we adults had salads while the small one ordered blueberry flapjack’s, but who’s keeping score?

This was possibly one of the easiest evenings out with a child I have had in many years. Lulu, unlike my adorable five, early six year old, non-stop energetic whirling dervish grandson Levi, is well-behaved, listens (mostly) when spoken to and asks questions, demanding, in the most imaginative, genteel way, answers. I was astounded by her demeanor. Such a contrast – and while I am not at all passing judgement or preference, given that both kids are perfect in their individuality, my blood pressure was perceptibly lower during dinner with LuLu than when usually dining with Levi.

You might be asking ‘why a girls night out and no grandson? Dad Tony was at an evening talk given by a friend at UT – a presentation not about unicorns or llamas, definitely not the place for even the most well-behaved nearly five year old. Besides, grandson Levi was with his dad.

After an uneventful (no dancing in the aisles running into servers with trays of hot food or spilling beverages on everyone) we paid the check, exited establishment, took turns jumping off each consecutive step to the sidewalk and got in the car. Once home we read books, one about Abe Lincoln, where we discussed the concept of slavery – to the incredulous, sweet and caring Lulu this was a challenge to which she rose with many questions and remained thoughtful til the next book which was about animals at the zoo…a respite in the storm of man’s cruelty to man, even though we both agreed that big snakes can be quite scary.

Through it all, Julia entertained us at the piano, stopping periodically to show Lulu how to press the keys and allow her to express herself in a melodic, thoughtful, as yet untrained composition. Had there not been an iPhone in my purse or a TV on the wall, we could’ve been living pre-electricity or the women’s right to vote and most definitely before Trump’s father was a gross immigration error. Now, I am not saying we shouldn’t have electricity or voting – though, the last one….you figure it out.

There is definitely a difference in the male and female energies which I can observe without having to be the parent… there are benefits to being the grandparent. I frankly like a gentle mix – I absolutely love how when together Levi and LuLu playfully interact, both have such wonderful senses of imagination which blend especially well. Being in the presence of such youthful exuberance – I am able to mostly keep up with their antics.

Okay, enough. I’m late for the dentist – must repair chipped tooth. Have a delightful day or evening wherever you may be. Do yourself a favor – hang out with a five year old.

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