New record! Super Hero wakes at 630am!

Call me lazy, but I overslept this morning. Was it because I fell asleep last night at 8pm whilst trying to get my grandson to go to sleep, then woke at 10 and stayed up til 1am? Probably. But who notices? Oops, that would be me.

So, what caused me to awaken late? Perhaps the dreams of fab black shoes and chasing evil doers away from innocent people in a housing project. Geez, one would think i watch cop shows or mysteries…Nope, though I readily admit I am a Wonder Woman, Captain Marvel, Mystique fan!

In last night’s dreams I was taller, svelte and, if I’m not mistaken, sporting wearing a somewhat understated flowing black cape -that is if a cape in and of itself can ever be understated. Under the cape were black pants, with tiny gold stretching threads running through and a turtleneck shirt of the sort of fabric that repels moisture (superheroes don’t sweat but I suppose wasn’t taking chances). My shoes were not those ridiculous cat woman tall heeled boots (who the fuck can run in those anyway?) but much more sensible and very grippy athletic ones, like those made by On A Cloud.

Okay, you’re probably asking how I could possibly know all this about my attire in a dream? Did you think there might’ve been a mirror in which I gazed? You do realize even superheroes must see if they are appropriately dressed for the occasion. And since in my sleeping fantasy I was apparently a savior of some sort, unless I was just in a parallel universe, I was still appropriately dressed for saving others who could not help themselves.

Anyway, I woke and made coffee, then looked in the mirror and realized I needed to take a shower, that I was not wearing a stitch of black and that my feet were bare. Yuck, reality, that is if this is not the parallel universe, in which case I might go back to bed. Super heroes have more fun.

Have a great day.

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