Thoughts on a Rainy Morning

I suppose a “5am wake up” is my new normal. Here I am eyes wide open, its dark outside, the rain pouring down upon the carport – I oughta move my car since it is so filthy from months of not washing. I could even go out there with a rag and move the grunge around.

My mind is going at its normal rate, a trillion mph, thinking about this, that and a slew of other, mostly unrelated things. Who needs Facebook or Twitter to complicate your life, when you’ve got a brain like mine?

My first thoughts are about my dog Mocha who lies on my bed, sprawled out in perfect slumber. It is hilarious that just a month ago I had a twin bed the two of us slept upon. Why? Well, when I moved from LA to Austin I’d already sold my king bed since I would be staying with my daughter who had a twin one for me – mentioned above. We moved several months later, conveniently to the house next door while our house is being remodeled. I got a big room inn which to sleep and make art. I thought, unreasonably, I could sleep on the twin with the dog, (did I say she’s a 70 pound lab?) while the process of home alteration occurred. Then, after a Les Misérables bout of high blood pressure, and a pet who loves to cuddle, it was quite apparent I needed a larger bed, hence one comfy Queen size was purchased. Now both Mocha and I have room to spread out. Even so, some days she manages to do her version of spooning, usually when i am in REM sleep, flying with Unicorns or saving the world…yes I do have these dreams, but don’t tell anyone. Though I love my dog, I need my Dreamtime.

My next thoughts are about the state of the world. As I am becoming more awake, i am, unfortunately, reminded that the scourge of our country, Trump, is still in office, that Texas still has fucking greedy, insensitive idiots for Senators, and if we don’t get our progressive shit together we’re going to be so much deeper in societal excrement we might have to encourage Elon Musk to beam us all up Scottie. It is a pitiful state when it comes to education (did you read that the quality of Texas educational system is equal to Turkey?) Fuck! And may I say now these are not good thoughts to have when waking up in the morning, even with a soft brown sweet dog on your bed! I am relieved to say that even though we have ass hats wearing ten-gallon-oil-soaked Stetsons in our government there are still inspired folks with energy and responsibility doing their part to unseat the fuckers. The LAF group of amazing people with whom I weekly write postcards to businesses, politicians and individuals are an example. Whew.

Whilst in London, I was thankful to see so many people demonstrating in response to Global Climate Change. I wondered why so people are upset by the slowdown of business in Oxford Circus because of road obstruction. Well shoppers, how about a stoppage of business due to no fucking clean water, air, or even food? “Y’all gonna pay sooner or later” is what my new Texas mantra, “so how ‘bout’s y’all begin to get your greedy asses in gear, stop drinkin’ your coffee pod lattes, drivin’ your gas guzzlin’ Bronc’s, curtail your unabashed single serve consumerism, put a friggin’ solar panel on yer McMansion and get yer goddam hands dirty and reuse your f’g trash. Who the hell drug you up anyways?”

Okay, my blood pressure has risen again and I am now ramblin’.
For that reason I shall go to my next thought. My grandson. He’s 5, lying peacefully asleep in the other room- his wake up time is at 6:15. He is my hope for a healthy planet, full of compassion and love for all concerned. Yes I’m woo woo, so what of it? Okay, he’s only five but he’s both typically and atypically that age. Typical in that he is everywhere with his mind (am I still five?), has an imagination that knows no bounds (I must be), loves to make a mess (hmm) and plays like there’s no tomorrow (I hope there is….a tomorrow, that is). He’s brilliant, not only because he’s my grandson but also because he is thankfully his own very unique person with a very good sense of humor (probably also attributable to yours truly, and yes my daughter, but that’s obvious). Where was I? Yes his uniqueness. He is learning to be more compassionate – typically five year olds are selfish bastards, and though this is a big challenge for him, he IS learning. You know they say that the emotional IQ’s of alcoholics is that of the age in which they started drinking. I believe that the emotional IQ’s of narcissistic psychopaths is at the age they learned or didn’t learn how to be compassionate, empathetic beings. It is a BIG f’g job to teach understanding, the Golden Rule and general love for someone other than your little ole minuscule (have you seen people from high in an airplane?) self. And though children are normally selfish, it is really the job of adults to foster Sharing, Compassion and Responsibility so that kids truly get it…that the world functions best with those 3 big things.

So my grandchild is learning…early. Hopefully the rest of the world will catch up fast.

And now I’m getting up to make coffee. Have a good day. And reuse, (recycling is only part of it) your fucking trash!

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