Home sweet home

I woke again at 5 am and I’ve been home approximately a day and a half.. I stayed up til a bit after 8pm the night before last so I would struggle less with jet lag, the same last night. Alas, that seemed to only partly work. The bug I had caught and thought I had rid of reared it’s rotten head, and I had a sore throat to end all. This is mostly now a memory, thanks to sleep, green juices and Netflix. If you are looking for a good movie, take a look at Queen of the Desert with Nicole Kidman. Pretty good. I must’ve also experienced some kind of “proving” from the Theraphi treatment as all sorts of old malaise/s popped up during this time. I’m on the mend now, it appears. Picture me crossing my fingers.

Early this morning I opened the refrigerator and decided it was high time it needed a clean out. Being away for ten days, coming home to discover mold on veggies, fruits and other items formerly known as edible cheese.which hadn’t yet been tossed away by my daughter who shares the house with me, compelled me to start afresh. Many things were subjected to the sniff test. Not fun. Gagging was definitely present in the ensuing process. The lack of dates on containers didn’t help either. I wonder how Marie Kondo cleans here fridge. “Does this jar of pickles give me joy?” Does she bring her family into the process? Certainly some prefer sweet to sour gerkhins. And what about mustards? Rotten whipped cream is a no brainer as is ancient Chinese takeout abloom with penicillin.

All of this cleaning and organizing compelled me to create a grocery list, but the rub is… I have absolutely no inclination to get dressed and go shopping. Thankfully the local HEB has curbside pickup, which means I can order the stuff online and pick it up. However, ONE BIG problem with this is that it’s earth day (also my son Billy’s birthday) and getting curbside delivery means the “shoppers” will use a ton of of plastic bags. Guess I’m going to have to get up off my ass soon.

Before I go I’ll have a cup of tea, open some mail, check email and take a shower. Delaying the inevitable is an art form I am just now learning. Perhaps my next book will address this. One never knows.

Have a great day.

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