Day 9 Recovery from Travel and a nasty bug

My hotel in London, The Dorset Square is pretty cool. The decor is tres chic, the location is perfect for seeing the sights, the bed is so comfy – the kind that makes me wish to stay there all day. The room however is so tiny it would be impossible for two people to move about without one jumping on top of the bed so the other could answer the door. The bathroom must’ve been designed by a Jenga expert, or a tiny house craftsperson. You must close the door to move about – the shower door will also impede your trip to the loo or sink. That being said it all seems to have a place for everything. There is a long tall closet for the minibar, safe and snacks, the door of which has a long mirror which I suppose makes one feel slightly less claustrophobic.

When I arrived I was pretty much too sick and quite tired to notice the layout of the room. I managed to strip, take a hot shower, wrap myself in the plush cotton robe, open a ginger beer and bag of crisps and fall under the crisp white sheets of the “never gonna leave this” bed. I don’t even think I tossed or turned, but I did sweat like a racehorse which thankfully signaled the breaking of my fever. I woke once at 330am only to fall back into slumber until seven-ish when I decided to go to the bathroom, after which I immediately got back into bed – it hypnotically called me.

I am now in the hotel’s cafe “The Potting Shed”. It too is tastefully appointed with gentle, just like you might hear in a romantic movie, non-descript piano music overhead. I ordered porridge with tropical fruits and lemon/ginger tea – unlike the tea you might get in USA it was actually slices of lemon and ginger – can you believe? Though tempted for a classic English breakfast – my stomach was not going to have it. Perhaps I am winding down from my grande Bouffe of the continent.

I’m going soon to my room to rest before my Theraphi appointment this afternoon. I know I could sightsee, but my body is telling me to take it easy and I’m listening.

For those of you in dreamland I hope its a pleasing time – I’m on my way.

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