Day 8 – Heading to London. For more theraphi

Our day yesterday was fairly mellow…except I came down with a rotten case of laryngitis/sore throat/general crappiness. A perfect way to leave Germany. Not. I had hoped today would afford me time to visit some old haunts, alas I’m drinking hot tea, wearing a hot towel over my face when I’m not plunking away on the ole iPad or napping. Travel with the yuck ain’t no fun…yes it ain’t no fun when at home as well.

Soon my dear friends will drive me to Basel airport and I shall board an easy jet bound for Gatwick. I have been so fortunate to have dear ones who have schlepped me hither and yon. They made this trip much easier than had I done the car rental or train thing, especially now when I am feeling poorly but also the toll of this emotional journey.

From the window of our Airbnb I can see the green rolling hills of the Black Forest. I would’ve liked dipping my toes in the mineral baths here, alas that is not to be, at least for this trip. And I am unsure if I will venture exactly this way again. The only reason I used to travel to the area was to spend precious time with my friend/teacher/sister from another mother, who no longer is on this plane of existence. Perhaps I need to scream from a mountain …or cry more, but I really don’t have the wherewithal so I won’t.

I have made a couple appointments in London this week to have Theraphi treatments, then either home to austin or a quick stop in NYC. It will all depend on how I feel and what is the easiest shortest flight with miles available.

I just got a text from Ursula who is bringing soup to my sick self. Good friends are hard to find. When you’ve got em, let them know they are loved and appreciated. More tomorrow.

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