Day 7 – Black Forest Babble.

After another carb-rich breakfast, a walk in the woods, farewells to yet more family and friends, we left our hotel in Bad Sulzberg to an airbnb in Badenweiler. After 3 days of no hot shower for me…my room had defective plumbing and they had none other available for me to move, I was definitely ready.

We dropped friend Wendy who was heading to Lucern at the Heitersheim Bahnhof, dropped Swiss chocolates off to family, then drove to the local Bio Markt aka organic grocery store. No Aldi for us, even if it is a cousin of Trader Joe’s. We purchased fresh food for the next few days, loaded the groceries in the car, then directly to our temporary digs. I have a nice room with my own bathroom…hot water included. There is a lovely garden – our dining/living area has huge windows and a view of spring bursting out all over. The Japanese magnolia has hundreds of pink and white blossoms weighing heavily upon its limbs.

Ursula is a fabulous chef and so I am eating quite well- a salad of such flavorful greens, an assortment of lettuces, arugula, dandelion, purple carrots and ancient grain pasta with a melange of slightly sautéed al dente vegetables – so much more delicious and healthier than in the hotel restaurant whose chefs salted everything as if to preserve it for a millennia. I really don’t think this is only endemic to German food – as there are plenty of places at which I have eaten that over-salted the plates, but it has been pretty extreme here. Here, at the flat, there is a salt mill on the table – no inclination on my part, to pick it up even once.

All is quiet, except for the birds who chirp softly, the grackles in Austin or crows in LA and the sound of an occasional car passing by. This village is busy with people bathing – they don’t make a lot of noise getting their massages or baking in the saunas. On our walk earlier there was a babbling brook, softly flowing alongside our hotel. Were it warmer I would’ve crawled down the bank, removed my shoes and socks and dipped my toes – as it is I fear they’d turn blue were I to do so. Even so, today the sun is out and the sky is quite blue, unlike yesterday. Actually it is quite perfect.

I’m going to sign off, for now, and post this with a pix of the brook. Seeing is believing after all. Enjoy your day, wherever you may be. I hope it is peaceful and easy.

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