It’s all Greek to Me…and I am smiling!

I’m lying in my air conditioned villa…okay, apartment at the Kaloni Village near Skala Kaloni. It’s been a warm morning of exploration, grocery shopping and deciphering signs and labels. The saying, “it’s all Greek to me!” could never be more true, here in the south of this island that has its history of being so close to turkey, it could actually be part of it. There are many stories of the island changing nations many times – wake up in the morning speaking Greek, go to sleep speaking Turkish, and vice versa… And here they coexist quite beautifully. Regardless of language, a smile is still a smile; there are oodles of smiles here, it is quite infectious.

20130825-050054.jpgMy roommate Meike and I walked through winding streets, past cafes with older men watching us pass by, those Greek men smoking cigarettes, drinking coffee (too early for ouzo) some deep in unintelligible (to us) conversation. We passed shops laden with clothing, or foodstuffs, electronics, etc., sporting signs occasionally and sparingly in english, looking in only briefly. After all, we only went into town for groceries, not to shop per se, and that is a good thing since nothing we’ve seen so far looks worth buying. Except, that is, for the delicious cappuccinos at the Cafe Dream, located in a treed island in the crossroads of the town which is where we took a break from sightseeing before heading to the supermarket for staples. Taxis are cheap, especially split 4 ways, and that’s a good thing since the place we are staying is far out…and I don’t mean 60’s slang.

It is funny how one can assume to understand what another person is saying…combine that with different languages and things can get really complicated! I don’t speak Greek as yet, my German, though I m traveling with many here, is schlecht (bad), and my American English puns abound (for those who know me-no big surprise), words will and do get lost in translation, and still I smile, abundantly. Especially as now I am learning more and more how my smiles are the best language I can communicate with myself and the beings in my world. My smile changes my inner vibration; as I become connected to the cells in my body, they respond joyfully, healing any dis-ease, imprinting and influencing, in a good way (the best influenza) every drop of blood, every organ, bone, ligament, muscle… To support me fully as I experience being here in my body now.

Yes, I have experienced deep, profound and all-encompassing grief, and it is good. Daily, I am embracing the sacred change Max of which spoke so often, even before he embraced it himself – indeed I am his best student…or maybe I am my own. I have been healed of serious dis-ease thanks to a combination of homeopathy, nutrition, meditation, creative expression, divine intervention, conscious language, and most of all LOVE (the former modalities are all an expression of this one). I have said “YES!” To love and “NO” to fear, and my body continues to respond, even my ouchy tailbone is healing as I speak with my smile inside and outside.
It is now hours later, the wee morning ones. Last night I danced in a Greek circle, yelling “Opa!” Until my belly ached. Still teetering in the bardo between LA and Greek time I shall now will myself to sleep again. And still I smile. Talk with y’all tomorrow.

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