On the Road to better Vision

Riding the Rails to Better Vision or Urban Rail, Uber and Uncomfortable Needles.

Its Earthday Week. Instead of driving, I hopped a train heading south on Sunday down to San Diego. No, it wasn’t a freight train silly. I got on a business class car (I don’t rough it any more) at union station downtown Los Angeles around noon and got off at 3 in downtown SD. It was an easy trek. Uneventful. I didn’t plan my trip around the train per se. This mode of transport was my environmentally friendly answer to troubles with my eleven year old Jaguar having engine issues – didn’t want to take the chance of possibly breaking downs either and since my main reason for heading to San Diego, to treat with micro-acupuncture the cataract that has been slowly developing in my right eye, I also considered it a safer choice to ride and not drive.

Some of you may be aware of my passion for complementary health practices and my disdain for conventional medicine, so my journey will come as little surprise. “Oh Janet. She never takes the normal route when it comes to health.” True. I met Gail Brent, L.Ac. of http://www.healthandvision.com about eight years ago at a conference on Pranic Healing. At the time I was intrigued about the possibility of reversing the ravages of macular degeneration and other eye challenges for other people….I recorded her contact info in my address book for clients I might refer; little did I think then I might be a candidate for her work in the future. Then, about six months ago, whilst having difficulty driving at night I quickly made the choice to get an eye exam. My eye doc advised me of the cause…a cataract, developing in my right eye, for which I “should immediately get surgery”. In my imagination my inner alarm blasted repeatedly, “No f’g way and Call Gail Brent, Call Gail Brent…” And so I did, and here I am, between my thrice daily sessions of hokey pokey needles into my feet, legs, arms, hands and face. No needles in my eyes, quit wincing you woosies!

This program can be very effective for those seeking alternatives to cut, insert fake lens and patch. I’m planning on it working well for me. I’m a bit ahead of the game. Ms. Brent’s program includes eye exercises, relaxation techniques (I already practice this) dietary recommendations (ditto this) micro-current treatments, the Reconnection, positive affirmations and some energy work. My “normal” healthy diet/exercise/meditation regime she tells me, is better than others, though this is not exactly relevant since the proof will be when the whole thing works, which I’m trusting, is doing so as I write. I’m not exactly sure what’s happening so far, but I’m getting lots of snooze time on the table, especially after she stops putting the needles in my feet (those suckers hurt).

Tuesday, after my second session of the day I hiked down to mission bay, making quick steps to the hilton resort and spa where I was snubbed because I wasn’t a guest – they forbade me from lunching poolside; the audacity. “Phooey on you, dumb Hilton, I herewith relinquish my Honors card and curse you a thousand times!” I exclaimed as I boarded an uber back to the office for yet another vision improvement session. Yes, I could’ve walked back but my tootsies were so sore from walking miles and their recent voyage into Needleland – there was no way I’d be able to do my third session for the day if I didn’t get a lift. Later, post session number 3, I hobbled into yet another über piloted by Tamid who deftly brought me to Tender Greens where I ordered and semi-consciously consumed a salad and mint lemonade, then foolishly trekked 12 long, city blocks back to my hotel, soaked my weary feet in the tub, dragged my ass into bed and passed out til 3am when I inadvertently broke my glasses. Fortunately I’d brought along a second pair.
But I’m still taking it as a sign.

Did I mention this week of fifteen sessions is in someways akin to my idea of a relaxing vacation? No? Good because it isn’t exactly that. And here I thought I’d sleep in, catch a few more winks than I do when I’m at home and walking my dear doggies at 7am, yawn. No, I’m up early, grabbing breakfast, my purse and an uber, then off to better vision land where I breathe, get poked with teensy needles and slip off into a temporary acupuncture coma, then get awakened to repeat twice more over the next few hours. Holiday it ain’t. Yesterday, I think was Wednesday, I went to lunch at Fashion Island, that rambling mall that looks much like anywhere upper middle class USA and where some people think a holiday is parting with their hard-earned cash for shit they’ll put on Ebay or in storage in the not too distant future. There, I wandered past stores and kiosks into the food court where, once I saw the selection of fast food, I immediately turned around and headed to Nordstrom’s cafe where I told them to hold everything on the pear, blue cheese, cranberry, honeyed pecans and field greens salad except the pear and greens. My vegan diet makes me fussy even without acupuncture, what can I say?

I digress, I know. I began to tell y’all about trains, taxis and torture, so let me get back to that…Where was I? It’s Thursday. I’m heading via Uber to acupuncture sessions 12-15. I’m noticing I can see. But then I could before, with glasses. I’m doing my eye exercises. I’m not holding my breath about the outcome of my adventure, because I am doing the prescribed breathing exercises.

Wish me luck.

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