(Old) Groupies Night Out

Okay I’m not a groupie, that is, not any more. But I was, (use your imagination, many years ago), as they say, back in the day. These days? I am only gaga over my seven month old grandson Levi my four doggies, and yes still, my beloved Max, who art in heaven…but that being said, I’m here on a Thursday night, in Agoura Hills @ the Canyon Club to hear music, hopefully shake my bootie and work up a sweat in the process. I have no plans or desire to go home with anyone other than my friend Marcy with whom I came.20140220-195130.jpgAnd yes, I am standing in the standing room only area waiting to see BB King. (I was too cheap to buy seats and i figured I’d wanna dance, but that’s beside the point.) Marcy is standing next to me. My feet are probably going to hurt like a sick dog by the end of the evening but my ears are going to be fine since I remembered to bring earplugs! Thank you American Airlines. No, that was not an intentional plug for the company, simply an appreciative nod for their gifting me with the little foam ear goodies the last time I flew First Class. Definitely a good deal.

Instead of dining on overpriced club food in comfy seats Marcy and I dined at Sushi Su, the raw fish dive across the parking lot, then we took the “plunge” into a pastry shop for decadent desserts and coffee pre-show. It was a good choice, though perhaps not for my gluten free waistline. Funny how the things that concern me today are nothing like what concerned me in the days of sex drugs and rock n roll.

20140220-200306.jpg See the pix above? That’s the opening act. I think her name is Faith Sabrina but I’m not too sure. Even through these nifty ear saving devices I can however detect she’s got quite a voice – combination of Janice (Joplin) and Tina (Turner), though in my opinion she oughta vary her songs and give her belting, throat scraping technique a rest once in a while. Oh well. I’m feeling a bit old and critical at the moment… I never worried about hearing loss when I was too young to think about hearing loss.

I have now, again, reinserted the foam goodies. Any temporary thoughts of putting them back in the plastic Baggie have been quickly dispelled by the lead guitarist twanging and trilling and Faith continuing her yell-warbling. My ears will thank me later tonite and undoubtedly in the morning when they don’t ring like a distant constant fire alarm. Come to think of it, my feet may be my problem then. I guess I will deal with it by going for a massage tomorrow.

I’ve taken a few moments to check out the room. Mostly baby boomers. Gawd I wonder if I knew any of these people back when we were young enough to go home with each other for one night stands and not worry about HIV or Viagra. Giggle. Where was I ?

Standing room only…it is becoming quite apparent… The ole King is on his way. The place is abuzz with excitement. Hold on I gotta find out how old he is … 88 I believe. Shheeit!!! Wonder how he’s gonna do…. Let me see if I can video any of this..try this….http://youtu.be/2vhwwg8hsl8
Its over now, some 2 hours later. Okay, to sum up the show? BB King? He’s an old blues legend. He rambles on about beautiful ladies and men, he’s forgetful, and he sits for the entire show on a throne-like chair, but he’s still damn good when he sings and plays his guitar. Throughout the evening i suppose you’ve surmised, I found myself thinking about the old days when I’d hang out with my girlfriends in clubs meeting the greats of rock and roll… I am Sooo glad most of those people are too old to remember who I am.

And now I’m gonna hop in the car, go home, make a nice cup of herbal tea, change into my pj’s, crawl into bed with my dogs and count my blessings I can still shake my tail feather. G’nite.


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