Cleaning House, or…remembering what’s really important.

Did I tell you? I’m on a cleaning, sorting, trashing, selling,donating and organizing streak. Lookout ebay and Amazon, I’m on a roll!

After those recent ingrate jolts (refer to previous post), my desire to purge with great abandon is, well, great! How’s that for becoming gratefully energetic in the face of adversity? Why just today I managed to post 2 dozen books on amazon, 6 items on ebay, 3 on Craigslist, pack and ship 3 videos, 2 books, a horse collar and one model train set. All that in addition to walking my dogs, cooking breakfast for the 5 of us (4 dogs and me), running errands, one load of laundry, juicing vegetables (interior cleansing), bookkeeping, more meal prep for dogs, dishes….there’s more but recalling it is making me more tired, so use your imagination.

And here I sit now, writing and wondering why the hell I am so bent on becoming an organizing whirlwind. Funny I should ask. Is it because I hate clutter? Yes, and no. I will be the first person to admit to messiness. Then again I don’t mind my own clutter per se. But I have lived in my home for a whole lotta years…thirty-one to be close enough to count, and that is a whole lotta stuff to possibly accumulate. Fortunately I have, over the years, been pretty good about donating and pitching, or I’d be doing some serious drinking (good thing I don’t drink).

Did I mention my sweet Maxie hated to throw stuff out or that he had a small but continuous case of project-fever? I guess I should’ve recognized it when we first met, but I was too smitten to have let it bother me. And now he’s in the Great Beyond and though I donated truckloads of stuff after the infamous and unrewarding Max Middleton Memorial garage sale, there is still more of the stuff I’m catapulting from this old house. It’s almost as if the stuff is regenerating like the fucking cancer cells that took over my sweet big guy’s body. I sit in amazement as I sift through another box of books or photos, thinking, “Didn’t I just scan these pictures, throw these business cards/resumes, give the VHS tapes away?” Yes, but apparently not all of them.

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