Can o’Max #7 Kentucky Bound -Get Over it!

Its December 31 and I gave Can o'Max #7 away. Well, not exactly away, that sounds flippant, when that's not my intent, at least here. I gave it to Max's brother Simmy and his kids Zach and Abby yesterday, to take back to Lexington where they live now and where Max used to, long ago. … Continue reading Can o’Max #7 Kentucky Bound -Get Over it!

Dying to be Born Again: creativity has its downs and ups

I'm awake. It's heaven knows when in the middle of the night. Oh yes, it's 3:00AM. I've awakened with chest it's probably gas, but I grew up in a family of acute awareness of the body and all that might go awry. Every slight hint of disease, malcontent, or drip of mucus was treated … Continue reading Dying to be Born Again: creativity has its downs and ups

Can o’Max #6 ala Breaking Bad

Here we are...Son Billy and me, heading south to Austin from Scottsdale to Albuquerque then on to Lubbock ...but first a stop at the dam where Walter White waited for his new identity in Breaking Bad. I figured that would be a good place to deposit can #6. Max loved that show. It gave me … Continue reading Can o’Max #6 ala Breaking Bad

Petrified Can O’Max #5

Tis the holiday season and I am on the road, again! No, I am not moonlighting as a warped, Jewish version of Santa Claus, though I am driving a shiny red ford escape which might be mistaken by nearsighted individuals as a sleigh... But I'm not schlepping tons of wrapped shit across the country or … Continue reading Petrified Can O’Max #5

Sacred Change… Let’s Embrace it!

Why are we so afraid of change ? Alright, I will point my finger at myself. Why am I so afraid of change? This is a question that seems to keep coming up and slapping me in the face. Ouch. Yes, there are other questions, but it appears that the change thingie is the major … Continue reading Sacred Change… Let’s Embrace it!