Trains planes texas bound September 11,2013

My bags are packed, I’m ready to go …sounds like a song lyric? It is. Songs have been running through my brain since Max walked into the light yesterday. “Happy trails to you”, a la Roy Rogers and Dale Evans was the first,” which was followed by “So long, farewell… good bye (the last word in German but I don’t remember how to spell it) … “, from Sound of Music. Aristhaia and I waved and smiled our fond farewells. I would’ve cried but I was happy, so what good would that have been?

Is my life now to become one musical interlude followed by another? If it is, I suppose its going to be entertaining and if this is a preview of what’s to come, “I can see for miles and miles…” I’m putting my requests in to my inner iTunes for some ditties a bit more au courant, since these are so last century, don’t you think?

Oh god, here it goes again…”I can’t stop loving you, I made up my mind!” Oh shit that’s right, my epiphany this week! I plan on loving me and Max forever, that is so true except I’m going to edit the lyrics for the phrase ..”I’ll live in misery” because it doesn’t apply; I’m in damn fine shape (figuratively speaking – gotta lay off the dairy and wheat once my feet touch American soil) and plan on keeping it that way. Oh, sure, I could, if I wanted to, play the weeping widow awhile longer, but naw, the way I figure, Max rode off into the proverbial sunset (I really saw him and it was no hallucination, I can assure you); and I entered the light as well…only my own, here on earth, smiling (with a few good sobs) most of the way!

There I go, all “woo-woo” spiritual on you, eh? Yes, I admit it, but if you could see or hear what I’ve been seeing and hearing lately, you’d be speaking in a similar way and that’s only the half of it. It gets a bit weirder (maybe not exactly like, “Keep Austin Weird”, but one can’t be too sure what the person who thought up that particular city slogan actually meant.) “what a strange trip it’s been…” Leave it to the Grateful Dead to have written those lyrics.

Throughout the past two weeks I have become acutely aware of things I never before could honestly imagine possible, (except I had read about them in a book or two; for those persons it was the real deal, at least that was what they said). Should I go into precise detail here, on the inter-web where everyone, including government spies (“dum dum dum”…dragnet? Oh well) might read? Naw,I don’t think so, you can use your imagination, for now.20130911-032457.jpg What about my dreams, you ask? Those I might happily describe, cause they are abfab, except I won’t because my experiences (and I) could be interpreted as even wackier than reality (whatever that is)..and unless I know who you are, I just can’t share. I will say my nighttime visions have been, when I can fully remember them, pretty wild and have hints of foretelling my future. Woo woo!

Maybe later, should I dare to divulge the truly sacred I am coming to know, the question is: will you begin to understand the sans ayahuasca trip I’ve been on?… and now the next song on our playlist?…. “You’ll never know how much I really love you…you’ll never know how much I really care…listen…” OMG, who is this DJ, playing breakfast with the Beatles ? Is it Rock and Roll Maxie up in Heaven, or one of my angels, the ones he sent to protect me while he’s “climbing the stairway to heaven”? You guys are so wonderful, whoever you are, Gotta love ya.

And the hits, may they keep coming. I’m taking my bag down to the car. I’ve got a train to catch. Will post this, if i can, as I ride the rails….”Engine, engine number 9, comin’ down the railway line …” .

I arrived at Frankfurt Flughafen, with a sniffle.. no I wasn’t crying, I had a slight cold, and had to wait in the cold for the hotel via shuttle. Silly me. This time I stayed at a hotel 15 minutes from the airport…budget made me do it – a foolish pursuit I now realize…my flight was originally leaving at 10am …but I received an automated call at 2:30am from American Airlines “”Your flight departure has been delayed until 2pm! Yawn, sniffle, cough, snort. (No, those aren’t lyrics, unless I can construct a song on that…which I might later). I’m awake now…still one hour after the call. Gonna take a catnap til breakfast.

Ah, my head is clearer “Get out of bed, you sleepy head”,…oh my, smidgens of lyric continue (with only a slight sinus intermission. I am now dressed and in the hotel restaurant. before me lies a breakfast buffet fit for a bar mitzvah reception. Alas all I can think about is “one more cup of coffee..” Thanks Bob, a cup of joe. I am jostled from my musical musings when imam told there will be no ordering off the menu. Yes, I got Free wifi, but that will be twenty euro for breakfast…what?

I cajoled the maitre d’ to allow me a croissant and coffee for a few euro, whilst humming songs from “Annie” (to myself, of course…how nuts do you think i am?) as I dunked my pastries in coffee, yum.

Since I have free wifi, I’ll publish now. “See ya later alligator…after while crocodile!” Thanks Dr. Feelgood!

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