Typecasting? Sheesh!

I’m up too early. That’s what I get for eating late night chocolate ice cream, because My stomach does not like the after-effects of nighttime dairy consumption. What the heck, it was my last night here on the isle of lesbos … Fittingly I dined with 4 other women… They were so much fun to hang out with, though Sapphos might’ve been disappointed, since I’m not into women in “that” way, nor were these women, I don’t think. Whatever. Now I’m awake. I review emails, Facebook postings – remind me to mention Ferin’s webisode, meditate, and remember last night’s fun time with the girls. Not in that order, but never mind.20130906-052953.jpgLast night? We ate at our group’s usual haunt and the best restaurant in Skala Kalloni, “Ambrosia”, where, true to its name we were fed the most heavenly meal of Spinach balls, dolmades, tsaziki, stuffed peppers, eggplant salad, house salad, fried mullet (its a fish, not the redneck hairstyle, silly) and pannecotta (I passed on it – saving myself for the amazing icecream at the scoop shop on the town square whose name I can’t read at all). Pass on the house dessert? Yup, the bitter chocolate icecream at greek name shop is superior to anything I’ve had stateside and do I know my chocolate?!?! Yes!20130906-052820.jpgBack to our dinner. We talked, laughed and joked in German and English…while passing plates back and forth across the table. I think i snapped a pix of our table, if I find it i’ll post it. My communication skills in German are, shall we say, schlecht?, but hey, I’m in Greece, and the only Yankee amongst a heap of Germans, Russians, a couple Canadians and an Aussie, I can do and say what I want, and i love a good pun in any language.

I’m allergic to cats, therefore not a cat-person. This may seem a weird time to say it. You see, at dinner, actually every meal here, I am in the presence of wild cats (human company excluded), actual wild ones, who are scratching at my legs, begging for food. Did i mention the island is overrun with cats? I know i encourage my own dogs, but the nerve of these cats interrupting our reverie! Our joking continues as we throw fish heads off the table,(our vain attempt at bribing the persistent pusses to lay off) which succeeds as they find victims at adjacent tables. Its no wonder cats are plentiful here, we are not the only ones who throw seafood off tables. We pay the bill and head off to icecream and the shop around the corner for last minute souvenirs…

Dear friends and family: You can share a small salad dressed in local, organic, olive oil, some tiny salted, locally caught, mytilini sardines and wash your hands with a bar of Molivos women’s co-op olive oil soap with me when we see each-other. I have purchased nothing else, except what I’m wearing, which is the high fat Greek yogurt and bread I consumed. Yes there are the authentic greek sandals (nice, but I’ve got sandals), leather wallets with cats on them (yuck), and woven shirts (colorful) but I’m just not into buying … And you all have way too much shit anyway! Oh? I’ve not been helping the Greek economy here? Au contraire! Taxis, groceries in and meals out haven’t been cheap…I’ve done my part, I’m cheap, they don’t take credit cards and the US dollar sucks, big time. (No one will take shells at the local markets either).

Okay, where was I? Yes, we called a taxi back to the hotel, said our nighttime farewells and went to our respective rooms to sleep. As I said at the beginning I’m up I’ve already packed and now I’m sitting here tapping on my iPad while roomie sleeps undisturbed in other room. I’m gonna make a cup of tea, calm my tummy, meditate again and with any luck, get sleepy.

Oh yeah, here’s the link to Ferin Petrelli’s “love and other mishaps”…love and other mishaps I’m in it… Guess who I play?

And on that note…

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