Baby, baby tell me where it’s at.

My sweet grandson has taught me more in his 8 weeks of being on our planet Earth than I may have so far learned in my sixty-somethin years. Here’s the deal according to Levi Ward, life coach and scholar. Take notes. You will be tested. “Tit or no tit. That’s what babies know. That’s all […]

Lazy ole me…

“Ladies and gentlemen…” Says the disembodied voice from off stage as the curtain goes up with a “ta da” and a drum roll) “Today is the day for my true confession. (gasps from audience). I’m awaking from a “tossy-turny” sleep. Obviously my creative mind must have been working double time in dreamland. What am I […]

Back in the saddle

Yawn. Sniffle. Sneeze. Howdy. I’m in Austin and I am doing very well…considering my past year. I arrived last night after a whole bunch of hurrying up, then waiting in airports, Admirals Club lounges and on the Tarmac. Fortunately, I got that global entry thingie from the TSA. I got the “green light” to fly […]

The pampered ass of Lounging lizard

Hello web of readers, your correspondent Janet, here, to give you play by questionable play of my journey to enlightenment, or texas, whichever comes first…then again I might just contemplate the banal. We shall see. I’m lounging here in the JAL/oneworld/American airlines “home away from flying capsule”. I’ve got some hours to burn before I […]

Trains planes texas bound September 11,2013

My bags are packed, I’m ready to go …sounds like a song lyric? It is. Songs have been running through my brain since Max walked into the light yesterday. “Happy trails to you”, a la Roy Rogers and Dale Evans was the first,” which was followed by “So long, farewell… good bye (the last word […]

Hurry up and wait…posted 2 days late

This should have been posted on sept 7… Oh well! I’m flying on board a airplane again…did I mention the sardines previously? I may have. Oh well. Its bye-bye Lesbos, Greece. I’m riding in what i think is the economic stepchild of air berlin. It appears maintained nicely on the outside with very smooth […]

Typecasting? Sheesh!

I’m up too early. That’s what I get for eating late night chocolate ice cream, because My stomach does not like the after-effects of nighttime dairy consumption. What the heck, it was my last night here on the isle of lesbos … Fittingly I dined with 4 other women… They were so much fun to […]