And here WE are… I’m talking to YOU!

“Okay. Okay…okay already, I will Write down every word you say. I promise not to edit or care if people think I’m nuts (even if some may think so before they read this). If at least you’ll first let me have breakfast. Hell, I’m not even sure if the voice I’m getting is you or some distorted memory of our words together.” I said. His reply… “Baby, baby, this isn’t your imagination. It’s me. I’m here. You’re here. Though I’m here and there, kind of everyplace at once, for now. You’ll understand in time.”20130829-032705.jpgPictured is “stardust” where Max said in a “dream” he’d gone back to when he left his body on August 15, 2012. This “dream” occurred a few days before October 1 when I promised I’d return to make art in my studio.

The dialogue above the picture is what happened yesterday late morning, just after I’d had a tossing-turning early morning sleep, which was after my writing earlier and I’d gone back to catch a few winks. I’d cried my eyes out after I hit “publish”. Max, as you may have read, was fresh on my mind and apparently, I was on his, since he showed up, again, and I felt that warm, hot flashy feeling I’ve begun to recognize as his presence… And here I thought and the doctors told me, I had sudden high blood pressure! There was a lot more of which he spoke and I wrote, just not for immediate publication.

No, I’m not trying to go all Sylvia Browne, or Medium, or even John Edwards on you. My dearly departed to the great beyond visits me and I’m just getting used to the fact he does. Can I tell you it’s a friggin trip? It is. You see, my guy Max, in life as we know it, and some of you actually did know him, was a big presence..all barrel chested, 225 pounds, Habanero poppin, nearly 6 foot, booming voice, of him. So, him not exactly being physical, but showing up anyway, vis a vis through heat (must be those damn peppers), pressure, and tingling, to dictate words, is, shall I say, more than a bit strange, and in a weird way, very comforting at the same time.

As you may know, or have read in previous posts, we were close, really close. So I suppose the natural, or in this case supernatural, order of things was for us to continue our close relationship with me here and him here, though with our “here”, being, as he said, just a bit different. Okay, so you’re maybe asking if I actually “see” him. Not yet, but if things keep on the way they are, that’s coming, at least this has been implied. Wow. I’ve said it, on the net… Please don’t send the guys with nets. I may be nuts in other ways like the fact I grow organic foods, or make art out of trash, practice homeopathy or have 4 dogs…I’ve gotta be nuts with 4 dogs, but this communication thingie with my sweetheart from another plane of existence is really happening, and frankly, to me, though its a wild ride, is also totally cool.

Did I plan on this “I talk to a dead guy” confession? Nope. I’m not exactly sure why I’ve announced this on my blog, but here i am doing it. Does he tell me what’s going to happen in a week, or months ahead, know anything about the polar ice caps or whether the next iPhone is going to have cloning capabilities? I don’t really know. If its gonna, it hasn’t happened yet. And maybe the information I get is for no one else but me but I’m determined to find out ’cause now I’m really paying attention.

Yeah, right now I’m the one who is talking/writing…I’ll let you know when he’s got something to say.
That’s one thing about our relationship, we gave/give each other space to express ourselves. It is/was one of great mutual respect and affection for which I continue to give thanks. Is this going to keep me from moving forward in my life? Nope. I’m willing to discover my/our next steps. I’ve got a feeling they are going to be quite good.

In the meantime, don’t be surprised if my next post is from the two of us. Until then, enjoy your day.
And, by the way, write if you’ve got questions … Or comments. I’m open to hearing what you’ve got to say.

6 thoughts on “And here WE are… I’m talking to YOU!

  1. Well this is a whole lot more than the Greek travelogue it started out to be – (although I was enjoying that too!)
    Love to you. Love to Max. You guys are surrounded in Love.


    1. Yeah, well in life the guy didn’t stop talking much, except when people like me and you told him to let us talk, so we could direct, etc., so why would now be any different?! He just turns up the heat and I gotta listen to him! And the travelogue ? It’s just been expanded, that is to say it now includes travel beyond Europe… Kinda out of this world, so to speak!


  2. I am so happy you are now open to using all your senses to know that Max has been around you all along. Kudos to you for being open to the possibilities, and they are endless. Having seen him myself, I know! So grateful for you and your journey. Lot of love, Amy


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