Flying with Niki…it’s all one world

I’m on the plane from Vienna to Mytilini/lesbos/Greece … Having been previously packed like a sardine or anchovy – take your pick, on an Niki Lauder airplane from Frankfurt to Vienna. Oh, this one is also a plane but it has one more inch of legroom, so I’m now feeling a bit more human, though my seat mates Frauke and Meika are a good 4 inches taller than me do not look as relieved. Oops, gotta go, the captain has told us we are landing.

The flights-uneventful, save for complementary cheese sandwiches and beverages, we are now on the bus to Kaloniki village suites and I’m falling asleep listening to the German guide who keeps mentioning Ouzo, olive oil and the occasional sardine…or is it anchovy. I am discovering the place also grows/makes biologically/organic wine. And still……Zzzz. I awake in time to de-bus at the KV and am greeted by Janus, Christina and countless friendly and accommodating Greeks who make me want to pack up my dogs and move here, but I should perhaps reserve this decision for at least another few days… I wonder if Maxie will visit me here…this too remains to be seen/felt/sensed.

We are treated to the beverages of our choice. I order Greek coffee with chocolate icecream – what am I nuts? Yes, but that’s beside the point, I am now jetlagged, wired and suffering the extreme gas of the lactose intolerant, but what the heck, I am here on semi-holiday. Did I mention I’m also here to heal the region?

When I awoke this morning before the sparrows, I began my meditation with the words – “We are all connected.” Would you know it I discovered I was on a “oneworld” plane? There are no coincidences. And even though the cheese sandwiches and overdose on icecream make attempt to slow me down I am resolving to do what I came here to do. We are all one…world, and I’m one of thirty who are here to save it.


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