Celebrating life…in general and specific

Here we are … Me and my first grandchild. Yes. He’s asleep. That’s what babies do. Sleep. Eat. Cry. Coo. Pee. Poop. All those in a continuous cycle. And grandparents kvell in the experience. Whoda thought I’d ever enjoy the cry of a baby!?!
I had only imagined my daughter or son having children.

When Max passed last year, the possibility of a new life was too raw a concept for my foggy brain to grasp. Then a couple months passed and I took the call. “Mom, I’m pregnant.”

So, here we are. The two of us. Levi Ward is 4 weeks old just shy of two days. And my sweet Max Middleton is 1 year and 2 days out of our physical world. Funny how one door closes and another one opens.

AND everyday I say thanks. To Max, whom I cuddled, kissed, tickled and hugged for eight great years and to Levi for coming into our/my world to do more of that touchy feelie stuff! I feel blessed. Sometimes I feel so very sad that Max is not here to hold Levi, the closest to a grandson he has. Maybe he holds him on another plane of existence, as he dos me from time to time. I’d like to think so.

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